Online Marketing Services

On-line Marketing

For some clients the search engine optimisation (SEO) work done when planning the generation & organisation of the content (More Info) & coding of the site is enough to achieve a healthy volume of enquiries.

For others operating in more competitive markets, additional marketing activities may be required to keep up with or out perform the competition. Whilst there are costs associated with these online marketing activities, it should be borne in mind that often they can provide an increasingly better return than offline marketing initiatives.

This section provides details of our online marketing services & our Section Toolkit on the left a provides a comprehensive 'road map' of the on-line marketing options available to you.

Google 'Tune up' Service

We can set up a range of tools Google that can be used to help improve your search engine performance.

  • Google Webmaster Tools - Search Engine Optimisation Check Set up £25
  • Site Map Creation - Update and Regular Submission to Search Engines £50 /year
  • Google Analytics - Powerful tool reporting on visitors to your website Set up £25
  • Google Merchant Center - Upload your products to Google's 'Shopping' listings £35 /month
  • Google Local Business Listing - Featureyour business in Google's Local Business Listings £25

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service

A six month contract during which we work with one of the country's leading SEO specialists to generate additional traffic to your website.

  • Key Phrase Research - identification of the best key phrases to target
  • Website Analysis - strength and weakness of the website are assessed
  • Site Optimization - modifications made to the site as required
  • Directory Submissions - links to key directories
  • Regular Monitoring - detailed ranking reports every month

Set up £300
£100 per month
6 Month Contract
(or Directory Submission only - £75 per submission round)

Social Media 'Ice Breaker' Service

Here we can set up & integrate your Social Media channels. This allows you to update a your Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter & associated feed to your website from a single place. A guide to Social Media is in the Section Toolkit. (More Info)

  • Creation & Branding of Social Media Network accounts - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & Twitter
  • Global Update Service - Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter & associated feed to website all updated at once
  • Integration of Social Media Channels with your website - e.g. Introduction of News feed, icons & links.

Set up £400

Email Marketing Service

Sending e-mail to recipients on your mailing list is a good way of building a relationships & generating sales with your client base & new prospects who join the list. A guide to Email marketing is in the Section Toolkit (More Info).

  • Setup of management account - with leading Email Marketing service
  • Creation of Email template/s - Branded & ready for your content to be added
  • Management of mailsots - Creation, testing & sending of individual mailshot emails
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Find out who opened what, when & which links where clicked etc.

Set up £60
Mailshot Management £180
Plus £0.01 per recipient

Visitor Intelligence Service

Ideal for business to business (b2b) clients who would like reporting on visitors to your website including what they searched on, pages viewed & contact details. This is an extremely powerful tool for new business generation as soon as its made available to sales team.

  • Key visitor information collected - Including search details, pages viewed & contact details
  • Instant access via the 'control portal - or integration with your CRM platform
  • Email alerts - To individuals in your organisation

£150/month (Sliding scale charge for over 50 visitors per day)
6 Month Contract

Pay Per Click Management Service

Set up & management of campaigns in which we create& place highly targeted adverts on Google search results pages. A guide to Pay per Click marketing is in the Section Toolkit (More Info).

  • Setup of Google Pay per Click account - Including setting preferences& the limit for the budget to pay for click throughs
  • Creation of Adverts - Including keyword research, optimisation & testing.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Allowing us to fine tune the adverts placed in the campaign.

Set up £300
Management £100/month (or sliding % scale when advert spend if greater than £500/month)
4 Month Contract

  Combining Services to get you on-line. Packages tailored for your needs I need a website

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