Website Components

Below we've identified various components that you might want consider including in your own website. Whilst some of them are 'usual suspects', the decision to include some of the less common components will depend on the type of website you have in mind & your initial budget etc.

The Core Website Pages

The core site pages are the body of the website and will convey the information about the products, services and organisations.

A simple five page website might consist of the following pages:

  • Home Page - introducing core information about the business
  • Products/Services - details of the products or services being offered
  • About us - background information about the business
  • FAQ - an opportunity to provide visitors with answers to common questions
  • Contact us - enquiry form & contact information

The core site can be further categorised as brochure pages (e.g. Home, About, Contact, Links) or catalogue pages which normally hold products. Whilst a starting point for these pages could be the content you may have developed for a traditional off-line printed brochure, we'd recommend reviewing the content against our good practice guidelines set out in our ' Copywriting for Search Engines' section.

The Shop

An on-line shop (sometimes known as checkout pages) will allow visitors add & remove products or services their 'basket' and 'checkout', view shipping rates, tax charges, specify the delivery information & pay.

The shop pages are often built using 'off the shelf' shopping cart software solutions. In the case of our own clients' shops they fall into the following categories:

  • Pay Pal Buttons - Here the 'Add to Basket' buttons link to basket & checkout pages on the PayPal site. This provides an inexpensive build option, but a less seamless experience because of the relatively early transfer to PayPal based basket & checkout pages.
  • Our own in-house shopping cart system - which is a relatively inexpensive option for simple shops that passes the shopper to Paypal at the end of the checkout process.
  • 'Off the Shelf' shopping cart software - Provide a wide range of features typically required to manage an on-line shop. Care is needed to choose the solution that provides the most appropriate features/solution for your particular needs.
  • Bespoke Shop - Building a shop from the ground up can provide more flexibility & customisation but can be relatively expensive.

Usually shoppers are taken to a secure third party to to specify sensitive payment information like credit card details. For more information on payment options see our E-commerce page.


Visitors can join your your forum to participate by creating & responding to discussions threads. Because forums allow visitors to contribute to the website via the forum, it's necessary for a moderator to oversee the posts to help maintain the quality of the contributions.


Blog websites can be set up using free services provided by sites such as With these services you can login to manage the blog, publishing new posts that can be read on-line by anyone choosing to visit your blog.

By linking between your main website and your blog you can extend your on-line presence with the blog providing the opportunity to publish new content on-line free of charge as frequently as you wish.


As you'd expect a gallery can be used to present images. It can be linked to a content management system (please see below) that would allow you to manage the contents of the gallery by uploading and deleting images from your own computer. Please Click Here for a page where we've provided a step by step guide to a website that allows you to edit your photos before you upload them to your gallery.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Where the website content needs to be updated frequently a Content Management System (CMS) from any computer where the user/s can login with an Internet browser such as the one you are using to view this page.

In practice using a CMS to manage your website is very similar to managing a Facebook profile or On-line bank account where your are presented a series of pages where you select various options, upload images & key in text etc.

Below is a diagram that may help explain the above:

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